Closing Thoughts On The Open

Not too long ago we were running around the gym making sure we got as many of you to signed up for the CrossFit Open. For a good portion of you this was your first time registering. Some were excited and others were a bit apprehensive for what was to come.


5 weeks later we have all come out winners! We have gone to battle and we gave it our all. We pushed ourselves past what we thought were our limits and kept going. Most importantly we did it together. Fellow athletes stopped what they were doing to help cheer on their comrades. Our walls rattled with words of encouragement. We were all invested in their fight. Personally, I can remember on a few occasions the hair on the back of my neck standing up like soldiers as I watched our athletes fight for that extra rep and battle through that dark place we all became very familiar with during the Open.


I think it goes without saying how proud we are of each of you for your performances during the Open. We are also especially proud of our community, which we fondly know as the Tern Nation. I don’t think I have ever been a part of a more empowered, supportive and just badass group of people. You all rock, you are all fighters and you all showed up for each other. We thurstered and burpeed our way out of 16.5 a closer and stronger community. Cheers to the Tern Nation!

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