Max Week Prep: Are you doing it right?


Max week is upon us! Can this be true you’re asking? Am I serious? Yes! You heard right! It’s almost time to show case all the hard work you all have been putting in. All those grueling days of back squats, sumo-deadlifts, low-bar back squats, shoulder press have all been in preparation to put you in the best spot to be able to hit that new PR.

Before we get into max week though, let’s talk about other preparations to aid our bodies mentally and physically for max week. Let me ask you, “have you been resting? Have you been doing ‘active recovery’? What do your recovery day(s) look like? Are you getting enough sleep? Is your nutrition where it needs to be?”

These are all very good and very important questions you should ask yourself and/or have answers for. As I’ve said, we’ve been putting in the hard work in the gym but it’s also important to be putting the work outside the gym. Like anything else we need balance. Think about it, there are 24 hours in a day and if we’re getting the sleep we need (about 8 hours) training is about 2 hours, that leaves us with 14 hours left.


So, let’s chat about this. Thursdays have been pronounced our “Active Recovery” day. So what does active recovery mean? By its definition it means, “Exercising with gradually diminishing intensity immediately after a bout of vigorous exercise; facilitates lactate and metabolic waste removal by maintaining blood flow in muscles during recovery.” (Farlex 2017). And as we’ve posted, via Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit Invictus, ACTIVE recovery can be anything from the following (not limited to) aerobic restoration, mobility work, inflammation maintenance and nutrition prepping.


What does all that mean? It means do something other than CrossFit. Hard to believe we all may have lives outside of the gym. But yes it’s true, get out and relax! Go to the beach. Swim with a group of friends and throw a football. Take a nature hike or even something like backpacking or meal prepping.


Come in and stretch. Work on those tight hips, ankles or thoracic spine. The coaches are here for you! Our success is measured through your happiness and success. That’s what we here for. Active recovery doesn’t have to be taken as a lost day. Mix things up friends! Much like what we do in CrossFit we need balance. Our lives need balance and we need to let our bodies recover.


So in Tern, (see what I did there) to keep our bodies in the best possible shape and highest level of performance it is important to rest, listen to our bodies and take the appropriate measure outside the gym to reach our highest levels of success. While working out 7 days a week with the “no rest days” mentality may sound good, you’re continuously breaking your body down and not allowing your body to recover. Let’s go into max week feeling recovered, strong and full of energy. Don’t go into max week feeling sluggish, tired and weak because you didn’t take the appropriate protocols.


Let’s smash those old numbers and set newer and higher goals! Max week is upon us! Let’s fly together and stronger than ever.


Written by Coach Kyle Massey with input from Head Coach Nichole Franklin

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