What The Community Is Saying

Tern CrossFit is my home away from home! The coaching is unlike any gym or box that I have experienced. Nichole has always believed in me and guided my training to the point that I am doing workouts and movements that I never thought I was capable of. Nichole’s knowledge and experience ensures that I am performing all my movements correctly so I don’t get hurt, which is huge. The community at Tern is supportive and inspiring! I seriously consider my fellow Tern-mates as family. I’m so grateful to have so much positivity in my life!

Tracey Coward Tern CrossFIt Member

When decided which CrossFit gym your gonna go to don’t just look at equipment or facility. Ask your coach what certs and qualifications they have. Most all scrape by with just the bare minimum level 1. Coach Nicole on the other hand is one of the most highly qualified trainers in the country. She has her level 1,2 and 3, strongman, mobility, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and almost every cert that exists. Not only is she more qualified but she also leads by example as she is ridiculously lean from always eating a paleo diet and ridiculously strong from years of consistency. Don’t believe me then see for yourself the difference. Just don’t be mad when a 114lb girl out squats you.

Steve Edwards Owner of CrossFit Tarpon Springs

I’ve been through a few gyms over the last five years and each one has taught me a lot about myself and pushed me to be better. My experience with Tern Crossfit has been exceptional. The coaching and workouts,from stretching to strength and wod are perfectly planned and executed. I feel like I’m part of a close knit family.

Tuyen Tran Tern CrossFit Member

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