Where Will You Be In 6 Weeks?

Monday, May 16th marks the beginning of Tern CrossFit’s Nutrition Challenge. Our goal is to see how much body fat we can loose and how much muscle mass we can gain in six weeks. We will have a sign-up sheet at Tern CrossFit for all interested athletes.


How It Works:

-Each athlete will have their body fat and muscle mass measured prior to Monday May 16th.

-The Saturday (May 14th) prior to the start of the Challenge Head Coach Nichole will chat with our athletes about nutrition and provide them with the knowledge they need to make The Nutrition Challenge a success. We will also be answering any questions the athletes may have in regards to nutrition and the Challenge.

-Between Monday, May 16th and Saturday, July 2nd athletes will be fully dedicating themselves to eating well and training consistently.

-At the conclusion of The Nutrition Challenge on Saturday, July 2nd we will retest all participating athletes. The top Guy and Gal who lost the most body fat will be awarded some fun prizes and be crowned The Tern CrossFit Nutrition Challenge Champion. The winners will be announced the week of the July 3rd.


The Body Fat Test:

Our friends from Body Fat Test will be measuring our athletes Fat & Muscle Mass. Body Fat Test utilizes hydrostatic testing, which is the most accurate way to test your body composition. Athletes will be completely submerged in water so all participating athletes should bring a towel and swimwear with them. The testing is private and takes between 10– 12 minutes. For the most accurate results reframe from eating large meals 2hrs prior to testing. There is a $70 cost of both the initial testing and retesting of athletes body composition. The Body Fat Test does accept either credit cards or exact change. Find out more information here.


Important Dates:

Thursday, May 12th –Friday, May 13th – Body Fat Testing

Saturday, May 14th 11am – The Nutrition Challenge Talk

Monday, May 16th The Beginning of the Challenge

Saturday, July 2nd The Close of the Challenge and body fat retest


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