Yoga to Aid the Active

Whether you are a Runner, Football Player, Bodybuilder, Gymnast, Olympic Lifter, CrossFitter or a Gym Enthusiast we need to protect our bodies and keep them functioning well. Tern CrossFit and Master Yoga Instructor, Jennyris Nieves has programed a special yoga class with the athlete in mind. This special yoga program will increase athlete’s range of motion and decrease their risk of injury. It is geared towards athletes of all skill levels and sports backgrounds who want to move effortlessly and stay consistent with their training.


Athlete’s workouts can be intense and push their bodies into unfamiliar territory. While this increased intensity is essential for reaching new heights in our athletic development it can also make athletes more prone to injury. A large majority of athletes suffer from soreness, tight muscles, lack of mobility and shoulder, back and knee pain. Tern CrossFit’s 60 min Yoga Class will help remedy these issues, keep your body functioning like it should and help prevent those missed days at the gym due to injury.


In fact Tern Yoga will also help athletes squat deeper, lift heavier, run farther and jump higher. When athletes can take advantage of a larger range of motion they can perform at a higher level. We know you expect a lot out of your body, Tern CrossFit’s Yoga Program will help you reach those expectations and keep going.


Tern CrossFit’s Yoga is a 60 min class held every 3rd Sunday at 9:30am and hosted at the Tern CrossFit facility in Oldsmar. However, our Yoga program will begin Sunday, May 22nd at 9:30am. Tern CrossFit Yoga is complimentary for the Tern Nation and $15 for all nonmembers. Bring a mat, towel and your water bottle and lets get moving.


About Jennyris:

Jennyris Nieves has recently joined the Tern Nation as our Head Yoga Instructor and is the mastermind behind our very special program. She has been practicing yoga for the last seven years and boasts over 500hrs teacher training. She is considered an expert registered yoga teacher and we are thrilled to have her working with our athletes and others throughout the community.


Questions? Contact us at info@terncrossfit.com

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